Rainbow with Egg Underneath & An Elephant

Hal Ashby / Sidney Lumet
.pdf files

The Landlord
Times Review from 1971

The Last Detail
Times Review from 1974

Being There at the End
Literature Film Quarterly, 1981, Vol. 9 Issue 1

Making Love, Not War:
The Soldier Male in Top Gun and Coming
Journal of Popular Film & Television; Spring90, Vol. 18

Hal Ashby - Channel 4 Film Reviews

Sidney Lumet's Humanism:
The Return to the Father in Twelve Angry Men
Literature Film Quarterly, 1986, Vol. 14 Issue 2

Twelve Angry People:
Conflicting Revelatory Strategies in
Murder on the Orient Express
Literature Film Quarterly, 1987, Vol. 15 Issue 1

'The Insistence of Memory:
The Opening of Sequences of Lumet's Pawnbroker'

Literature Film Quarterly, 1989, Vol. 17 Issue 1

Sidney Lumet and the Politics of the Left:
The Centrality of Daniel
Literature Film Quarterly, 2003, Vol. 31 Issue 2

Sidney Lumet - Channel 4 Film Reviews


Mississippi Burning
Library Journal; 8/9/89, Vol. 114 Issue 13
Author: Randy Pitman

Alan Parker - Channel 4 Film Reviews